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Welcome to my New Zealand photography site!

The above sunset was taken at Peka Peka, which is near Waikanae in the North Island of New Zealand.

This site includes the following sections:

The  new  section includes a selection of images that have recently been added to this site.

The  top 10  section includes a selection of 10 of the photographs that have been very popular with visitors to this site.

The  landscapes  section includes photographs of mountains, lakes, rivers, seascapes, sunsets, and sunrises

The  floral  section includes photographs of gardens and flowers.

The  nature  section includes photographs of animals and birds.

The  other  section includes photographs of cities, buildings, tourist attractions, and other places of interest.

The  contact  section gives contact details, together with the disclaimer notice.

The  image index  lists in alphabetical order the names of all the images and articles on this site. By using the "Find" function in your browser, you can search this page to find out whether an image or article you are interested in is on this site. With some browsers, this "Find" feature may be accessed by holding down the "Control" key and pushing "F.

When you click on a thumbnail image that is displayed on this site, you will obtain a page that has an enlargement of this image. If the description of a thumbnail image includes an asterisk (*)  this denotes there is a sub-menu of images on this topic on the enlargement page. For example, if you click on the thumbnail image for the  Battle Hill Farm Walk, you will obtain several more images that were taken while on this excellent walk.

Recent additions to the site

A selection of images recently added to the site can be seen  here.

The image below has been added to the site recently and it shows a spectacular vivid cloud formation as seen from a beach near Napier, North Island, New Zealand.

Spectacular cloud formation at a beach near Napier, New Zealand

To obtain the best appreciation of the quality of the images on this site, they should be displayed at a relatively small size, because each image has been reduced in size to a maximum width of only 870 pixels, from the original width of at least 4900 pixels (or 6000 pixels from my full frame cameras). In addition, the images have been saved at a low quality setting.

Technical  articles

Here is a summary of the main technical articles on this site:

Advantages and disadvantages of cropping images instead of using lenses with longer focal lengths. This article also gives some examples of the calculation of focal length and it discusses the controversy surrounding the definition of the term "photographic reach".


Full frame cameras vs APS-C cameras:  Analysis of the crop factor and "telephoto advantage" of an APS-C camera

Note that Appendix 2 of the above article includes the following sections:

Calculation of pixel pitch

Calculation of the area of one pixel


Why is the pixel size and sensor size of a digital camera important? - Does increasing pixel count increase noise? Big pixels vs small pixels. (Click  here  to read the full article)


Pixel level vs image level in digital photography (also refers to the new  Studio Test Scene  published by Digital Photography Review)


Case study: High ISO low light images of the Sony A77 compared with those of the Sony A55


Downscaling and upscaling images for comparative purposes  (can apples be compared with oranges?)


Index of practical examples of the application of the "pixel density advantage" template


The following supplementary notes are designed to provide further information about how to compare the cameras listed in the above index:


 Relationships between crop factor, field of view, photographic reach, image size, pixel density, and pixel size


Sony A900 full frame 24 megapixel camera -- examples of the amazing crisp details that have been captured in selected Sony A900 images. To give you an appreciation of how these images will appear when greatly enlarged, the full-sized images are displayed, together with crops of just small areas of the images. Some valuable links are included following the picture thumbnails.


Other technical articles on this site are indexed  here  and include articles about  determining print size, and  upgrading your digital camera.


Click  here  to go to the index of blogs on this site. The blogs are casual short articles that deal with  triptych photographyrare visit of a leopard seal to Wellingtonvintage Sony memory sticksCanon wonder camera, thoughts on whether  photography is an art or a science, and  Sony A99 high ISO bird images in very low light.

Cameras  used  to  capture  images  on  this  site

My main camera is the incredible Sony Alpha 99, which is a 24.3 megapixel full frame camera. My main lens is the great 24mm - 70mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T*. My telephoto lens is the the Sony 70mm-300 mm G SSM lens. The Sony A99 captures incredible detail and the images are suitable for making very big enlargements. I also own the very nice APS-C 16.2 megapixel   Sony A55 (SLT-A55V) camera. This camera is light to carry and I sometimes use it when on long walks in preference to the heavier full frame camera. I often use the excellent Sony 18mm - 250mm lens with the Sony A55.

I also enjoy using the amazing  20.2mp Sony RX100, which fits in a pocket and is very useful when it is not appropriate to carry a larger camera. The Sony RX100 is also a very good video camera as demonstrated 
here. This video provides a sparkling performance of Carl Bohm's "Perpetual Motion" directed by Suzuki Teacher Haruo Goto. This work was performed by nearly 40 violin students at the Suzuki Institute's Wellington Branch Summer Camp 2014, held at Rathkeale College Auditorium, Masterton, New Zealand. When you consider the small size of the microphone on the RX100, the sound quality captured by this camera is very good indeed. The RX100 also performs very well in low light and the F/1.8 lens is very useful for recording indoor events.


Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability: The information supplied on this website is provided in good faith. However, this information is provided subject to the condition that neither Rob's Photography New Zealand, nor any person associated with Rob's Photography New Zealand, shall be liable for any errors or omissions in such information. In addition, neither Rob's Photography New Zealand, nor any person associated with Rob's Photography New Zealand, has any  responsibility in relation to any material you may obtain from any other website, even if you access it via a link from this web site. This website and all disputes or other matters arising out of it shall be governed by the laws of New Zealand and dealt with by a court of competent jurisdiction in Wellington, New Zealand. You specifically agree that if Rob's Photography New Zealand should prevail in any legal proceedings, you shall pay all of our costs.