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Welcome to the home page of my New Zealand photography site!

The above sunset was taken at Peka Peka, which is near Waikanae in the North Island of New Zealand.

The following is a list of the image indexes that you can use on this site:

The main  image index  lists in alphabetical order, without thumbnail images, all the images that are on this site. However, the indexes listed below include thumbnail images.

The  most popular index  includes a selection of the images that have proven to be very popular for visitors to this site.

The  birds index  includes images of many New Zealand native birds including the very rare shore plover.

The  landscapes index  includes images of mountains, lakes, rivers, seascapes, and sunsets.

The  Pauatahanui Inlet index  includes images of the beautiful Camborne Walkway, Motukaraka Point, and animals, birds, plants, and recreation on the inlet.

The  floral index  includes images of many beautiful flowers and gardens.

The  Belmont Rhododendron Dell index  includes images of many beautiful rhododendrons that can be seen at this Lower Hutt rhododendron dell.

The  nature  index  includes images of many animals etc seen at zoos and other places.

The  "other" index  includes images of cities, buildings, tourist attractions, and other places of interest.

The  Sony Zeiss FE 55mm F/1.8 lens index  includes images that demonstrate the amazing image quality of images captured using the Sony Zeiss FE 55mm F/1.8 lens on the full frame 42.4mp Sony A7RII. To give you an appreciation of how these images will appear when greatly enlarged, crops of just small areas of the images are included, or the full-sized image is published. A similar page that shows the excellent clarity of selected Sony A99 and A900 images can be seen  here.

Technical articles and blogs

Click  here  to go to the index of technical  articles and blogs on this site. Several of the articles deal with the crop factor, focal length, photographic reach, cropping images, and the mathematical relationships between image size, pixel density, and pixel size.

Note: To obtain the best appreciation of the quality of the images on this site, they should be displayed at a relatively small size, because most images have been reduced in size to a maximum width of only 870 pixels. In addition, the images have been saved at a low quality setting.

Featured image

At present, the featured image is of a lineout during the rugby game Avalon vs Norths, played at Fraser Park, Lower Hutt, on 5 September 2020.

The above image was captured using the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera and a Norths player has caught the ball. This image is a crop from the original image, which was captured at 108 megapixels with a huge image size of 12,000 pixels x 9,000 pixels.

To see the original wide-angle image from which the above crop was made, click here.

Image quality and detail captured using the Sony FE 35mm F/2.8 lens

This image  was captured with the Sony A7RII camera using the Sony FE 35mm F/2.8 lens. It shows the Waikanae river mouth in winter together with snow on the mountains behind Waikanae. To give you an appreciation of the amazing detail that can be seen when greatly enlarged, crops of just small areas of the image are included.

Stunning aerial videos of New Zealand

This page 
includes links to a small selection of aerial videos that have been taken in New Zealand by various photographers. In particular, drone photography is a fast-developing way of capturing great aerial movies of the stunning landscapes that are to be found in New Zealand.

Cameras used to capture images on this site

My main camera is the incredible Sony A7R II, which is a professional 42.4 megapixel full frame "E-Mount" camera. At present, I have the outstanding Sony FE 55mm F/1.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* lens, the Sony FE 35mm F/2.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* lens, and the LA-EA4 adapter (which allows "A-Mount" lenses to be used on the A7R II). The Sony A7R II captures excellent detail and the images are suitable for making very big enlargements.

I also own the excellent Sony Alpha 99, which is a 24.3 megapixel full frame "A-Mount" camera. My main A-Mount lens is the great 24mm - 70mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T*. My A-Mount telephoto lens is the the Sony 70mm-300 mm G SSM lens.

I also enjoy using the amazing  20.2mp Sony RX100, which fits in a pocket and is very useful when it is not appropriate to carry a larger camera. The Sony RX100 is also a very good video camera as demonstrated 
here. This video provides a sparkling performance of Carl Bohm's "Perpetual Motion" directed by Suzuki Teacher Haruo Goto. This work was performed by nearly 40 violin students at the Suzuki Institute's Wellington Branch Summer Camp 2014, held at Rathkeale College Auditorium, Masterton, New Zealand. When you consider the small size of the microphone on the RX100, the sound quality captured by this camera is very good indeed. The RX100 also performs very well in low light and the F/1.8 lens is very useful for recording indoor events.

In  this short video  of feeding the chimpanzees at Wellington Zoo, the first part of the video was filmed in 4K using the Sony A7RII while a friend filmed the "fight scene" in HD using the Sony RX100.