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Image No. Bushy-3: Giant Northern Rata (2 images)

Giant Northern Rata at Bushy Park, near Wanganui, New Zealand, known as "Ratanui" (Big Rata). A sign near the tree says that it has a height of 43.1 metres, diameter of 3.77 metres and girth of 11.86 metres. The exact age of this tree is unknown, but it is certainly several hundred years old.

Its spectacular flowers of dark crimson, display a blaze of colour in the New Zealand forest from November to January, providing a rich source of food for tui, korimako (bellbird), hihi (stitchbird) and other nectar eating birds.

It is explained on the site of   The New Zealand Tree Register  that, although "Ratanui" is often referred to as the largest northern rata in New Zealand, in fact, many larger trees exist. The tree that is currently recorded as the largest northern rata in New Zealand is described  here.

Below is a notice at Bushy Park which gives some further information about Northern Rata (Metrosideros robusta).

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